Monday, June 28, 2010

Body as Landscape

In brief perspective Andreas Bitesnich is a master photographer who often photographs the body as landscape or makes pure abstraction out of the body. His body of work often creates wonderful visual forms rather than implying the body as a tool to sell clothes. Many fashion photographers today go to great lengths in displaying the body as sexy in fashion ads. For an example, Steven Klein often has models in a lesser amount of clothes in order to get a fashion campaign to come across. Some may regard his imagery as sexually charged.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ectoplasmic Portrait

The first image is what I consider to be a pictorialist portrait in which was echos the time of the 1800's when photographers tried to go for a soft look and long exposure. It is suppose to emulate that raw feeling and early documentary quality.

The second photograph is what I consider to be my ectoplasmic portrait of a lady named Raquel. It is most resembled to spirit photography that took place in the 1860's. My technique was non digital using a holga camera that delivered me this double exposed image, and light leaks that happened through mistakes. I tried to go for the ghost coming through the window aesthetic.