Monday, July 26, 2010

Random Inspiration

I have recently been inspired by the works of Frederic Fontenoy, a photographer based out of Paris France. He is known for a series that he did in the late 80's early 90's called metamorphose which deals with abstract blurred bodies during cart wheels in nature setting. I was not to fond of that series but with this new work of black n white erotic poses of women. It reminds me of Helmut Newton but with an edge.
I was trying to find more writings about his current work but on his site I found this written in French.
Regardez, ceci est son corps.
Humain Trop humain Fleur
de peau ou chairs a vif , ses
sombres mysteres
inlassablement sont traques.

Et l' Oeil de hater le retour
du refoule. de scruter notre
part maudite.

I first stumbled across his Imagery in Eyemazing magazing.

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